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Raising funds for any cause often takes a lot of time and dedication.  

As a small rural Parish,we are certainly no exception.  We are hoping to set up a fundraising group in the near future and would welcome contact from anyone in the Parish or indeed friends or relatives who may already have skills in this area or feel motivated to get involved.  

Without continued funds it will be impossible to maintain the operational day to day necessary tasks to keep the Church open.  It would be heartbreaking to see the doors of St Oswald's Church, Backford closed!

Some easy ways you can help
There are a number of simple things you can do on a day to day basis that can make massive difference to the funds raised yet has hardly any impact on yourself.  

Do you use the internet frequently to search information or to buy on-line?
If the answer is yes then you could be raising funds everytime you search and buy!  Not only that, you would receive vouchers for discounts for on-line purchases so you would benefit as well as the Church.

So how do we go about this?  Well it's called  Initially you will need to register on the site and we ask that you input either of the following links on your web browser bar to get started.   - (   - (

These take you directly to our site and tells Easyfundraising that you wish to register with St Oswald's Church - Backford as your chosen organisation.  Once registered if you use the search option whenever you go onto the internet, each search creates 0.5p funds.  (just think how much you could raise if your children also went through this link when researching school work on the internet etc so set it up on the pc as your internet browser?!)  This doesn't seem a lot but if everyone is using this option it soon starts to add up.  Then if you purchase from any of the listed retailers such as Amazon, John Lewis, M&S etc, the Church also gets a percentage for the sale.  What could be simpler?!!

Also, if we refer any other groups/associations to easysearch we are rewarded on a lifetime basis for doing this.  If you have another group/association you would like to help with fundraising and recommend easyfundraising to them, please ask them to register using the following link  This ensures that St Oswald's Church receives recognition for the referral and gains lifetime rewards.  At the same time, this has no impact on the funds raised by the referred organisation.  They still receive the same funds from their searches and purchases and equally if they refer other organisations they can gain the same additional benefits.  And all of this costs the Church and any referred organisations NOTHING!!  So what have you got to lose, register today and support your local Church.

We are interested in any fundraising ideas and will keep you posted on this site as to forthcoming events and successes.

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